Tactility is a project that shares innovative ideas, anchored by real people and real projects. Dig your hands in and see for yourself!

Go Green Africa: Thinking Big, Starting Small 14 Sep 09
Miriam’s Kitchen 10 Aug 09

A Fresh Take on Philanthropy and Aid

July 11, 2009


A Fresh Take on Philanthropy and Aid

“Julius Okutu Astiva runs a adult education center in Vihiga, Kenya. He teaches people who haven’t been afforded the opportunities of education growing up, often due to financial constraints. He teaches a large group of young and older women practical skills such as sewing and farming, as well as the formal essentials such as reading. […]

Introduction & Call for Contributions

June 12, 2009


Welcome. Something is tactile when it’s tangible, when you can put your hands on it and understand it by how it feels to the touch. This project tries to take all these imaginative and innovative ideas we’ve all been tossing around and peg them down to something concrete, or show how someone else has done […]